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    Family & Couples

    Family and couples therapeutic services (counseling, groups, training & education) informed by the latest developments in attachment, trauma, and interpersonal neurobiology aimed to enhance family wellness and relationships. Skilled couples therapy using evidencebased models of treatment such as EFT, IBCT, and AEDP.

    Our relationships with significant others can be an important source of strength, encouragement, and comfort. When these same relationships are strained, they can become a source of stress, hurt, and anger, and can place a significant burden on you and your loved ones. Perhaps this is no coincidence, as we are often hurt the most by those we love the most. And when conflict arises, it is not uncommon for us to blame, criticize, or attack our significant others in attempt to feel heard, understood, and valued. Alternatively, we might shut down, withdraw, or avoid our loved ones altogether in an attempt to prevent further damage to the relationship and our own self esteem. The desperate tactics we use to pursue and preserve connection end up bringing us further away from our loved ones, rather than closer. When these patterns of interaction become deeply ingrained, it is not uncommon to feel as though you are “dodging bullets,” “being left hanging” or “walking on egg shells.” It is also common for you to not know where or how to begin to re-establish a safe, secure, and fulfilling relationship with your loved ones.

    Family and Couples Services at CSRR:

    Family and couple therapy at CSRR begins with an initial assessment of problematic patterns of interaction. In some cases, this might involve your therapist meeting with members of the family or couple individually to gain further insight into each party’s history and role in the relationship dynamics. After your therapist and family members agree on the problem areas, the therapy process will begin. This often involves helping couples and families catch and identify problematic patterns of interaction, learn healthier ways of interacting, and practice building connection using more adaptive approaches.

    At CSRR, providers are currently able to address a wide range of family and couple-related difficulties using evidence-based treatments such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT), and Accelerated Experiental Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP).

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