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    Denise Kruszewski, Ph.D, ABPP

    Founder, Licensed Psychologist (CA PSY 24375)

    Mission of CSRR:

    I founded the Center for Stress Recovery and Resilience in 2017 to help individuals recover from anxiety, trauma, and stress. I am passionate about teaching individuals to support themselves and regulate their emotional and behavioral response to stressors, so that they develop motivation to pursue their passions and fulfil their purpose in their communities. With motivation, passion, and purpose, lives have meaning and people have wellness. I also help groups and organizations strengthen their individual and collective resilience to stressors so that they may thrive and grow from adversity.


    I am inspired by the fact that when one person improves their well-being, they become a resource for their entire community. Additionally, learning from every client keeps me curious and engaged. Finally, I am committed to helping people develop mindfulness and compassion skills to meet moments of challenge and enjoy moments of peace.


    I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from Brown University and earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Arizona State University. I completed a year-long APA-accredited internship at the UCSD/VA San Diego Healthcare System Clinical Psychology Internship Program, specializing in adjustment to chronic pain, disease, and acute burn injury in Veterans and Civilians. I also completed a year-long APA-accredited VA Evidence Based Psychology postdoctoral fellowship, specializing in Mood, Sleep, and Suicidality for both inpatient and outpatient Veterans. I achieved board certification in clinical psychology in 2015.

    Prior to founding CSRR, I proudly and gratefully served as the first embedded Civilian psychologist for the Marine Raider Special Operations Command (MARSOC) on Camp Pendleton from 2012-2017. At MARSOC, I developed rare expertise delivering evidence-based approaches in real-time for members of a high-tempo unit. At CSRR, I apply this knowledge in other contexts.


    Clinical specialties:
    Trauma, anxiety, sleep disorders, adjustment to illness, injury, and life transitions.

    Professional certifications:

    After 33 weeks of intensive training, I was awarded Trained Teacher status through the Center for Mindful Self Compassion in 2021.


    Organizational leaders, healthcare and legal professionals, military and first responder personnel and family members, parents of children with special needs. Individuals who seek to learn how to enhance their stress response via mindfulness-based approaches.


    Mindfulness-based therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


    I love hiking, biking, swimming, and high intensity interval training. As a mother of two young children, one with special needs, I am passionate about meaningful inclusion and respect of people. I also take every chance I get to support other parents of special needs children. Personally, I benefit from an ongoing practice in mindfulness meditation. Being present and connected with my loved ones matters to me greatly as well as living authentically and with integrity.